Not all stake pools are equal..

Choosing a stake pool to delegate your Cardano ADA to is a critical decision, as it impacts the staking rewards you receive over the long term.

Securely building and reliably maintaining a stake pool is not a simple undertaking, requiring technical System administration knowledge and experience. How would a non-technical person know if a stake pool is correctly configured and working?

Enter the stake pool verification tool!

This tool provides stake pool diagnostic information making it easy for anyone to verify if a stake pool is well setup and is run by competent Stake Pool Operator (aka SPO).

As you can see on the home page, it is apparent that not all stake pools are equal..

I won’t go into the technical details of each metric right now, however please do let me know if you are interested in a deeper review.

Go ahead and enter any stake pool you wish to verify in the search box, and click the Check button.

To put it simply, a correctly configured and well maintained stake pool should look exactly like the below example 😉

Essentially, this information provides you with a clear indication about a stake pools’ overall health.

The major questions a delegator you need answered are:

  1. Is the stake pool configured correctly?
    • See Stake pool registration and Metadata sections.
  2. Is the stake pool sufficiently advertised on the network and is it accessible right now?
    • See Relay node .. sections.

If any of the results do not pass, I would consider that pool to be suboptimal. Can a stake pool work in an suboptimal state? Sure, just like a car could be made to drive with three wheels.

At the end of the day, it’s your ADA and ideally you would be making an informed decision about the stake pool you are delegating with. There are a lot of pools with great marketing and tug at emotions with charity support, but when it comes down to business, I’d pick green every time!

Author: Jonathan Z

The tool is community run service by the ABC stake pool, please consider supporting them too 🙂

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